Prof Andy Bushby

Prof Andy Bushby Professor in Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London. Both his BSc and PhD were obtained at Queen Mary where he specialized in mechanical characterization of materials ranging from fracture mechanics of brittle matrix composites to high temperature fatigue and creep in ceramics. As a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney in 1993 he was introduced to the (then new) technique of nanoindentation, working on calibration of spherical indenter tip shapes and plasticity in ceramics. Returning to Queen Mary in 1995 he established the nanomechanics laboratory at Queen Mary as one of the leading facilities in the UK, contributing to international nanoindentation programs such as FASTE and INDICOAT and more recently MeProVisc. As a member of ISO working groups he developed ISO 14577 part 4 for measurement of coatings and ISO 29381 for determination of tensile test parameters from indentation.

As a leading academic in micro-mechanical testing Prof Bushby has taught nanoindentation at Masters level for the past 15 years and supervised over 20 PhD students. He has published more than 50 scientific papers on nanoindentation and is particularly well-known for applications of spherical indenter tip geometry, test methods and calibration techniques and for his work on plasticity size effects. He has investigated a diverse range of materials systems from polymers and hydrated solids, to bones and teeth, functional ceramics and peizoelectric thin films, to irradiated materials for nuclear fusion reactors. He has given over 20 invited talks at international conferences such as the Materials Research Society ICMCTF, TMS, and Gordon Research Conferences and has previously organized 7 international nanoindentation workshops or conferences. He has been elected chair of the 2018 Gordon Research Conference on ‘Thin film and small scale mechanical behavior’.


Dr Nicholas Randall

Dr Nicholas Randall is a Chartered Engineer (CEng MIM) and holds a BSc in Materials Science from Brunel University (London, UK) 1994 and a Ph.D. from Neuchatel University (Neuchatel, Switzerland) 1997. His PhD Thesis entitled, “Development & Application of a Multi-functional Nanotribological Tool” consisted of developing the first combined system for nanoindentation and Scanning Force Microscopy (SFM). This system has now been commercially available since 1997. From 1997 to 2002 he served as the Customer Services Manager with CSM Instruments in Switzerland. He was responsible for after-sales service, technical documentation, installations, training, and contract testing laboratory service.

From 2002 to 2014, he was the Vice-President of Business Development at CSM Instruments and was responsible for settingup the US subsidiary of CSM Instruments in Boston, MA. This office provides sales, support and contract testing for North America, Canada and Mexico. He is currently Lead Scientist and Head of Business Development with Anton Paar Tritec, following the acquisition of CSM Instruments by Anton Paar in 2013.

Dr Randall has published extensively in the field of surface mechanical properties testing, especially related to scratch (adhesion) testing, nanoindentation and tribology testing. He is chairman of ASTM committee G02.40, responsible for developing tribological test standards for non-abrasive wear. He has recently written a chapter on tribological testing of biomaterials for the ASM Handbook on Biomaterials Testing and a chapter on Experimental Methods in Tribology for the Springer book Tribology for Scientists and Engineers.

He is a member of MRS, ASM, ASTM, STLE and The Institute of Materials (UK). He is a regular reviewer for Surface & Coatings Technology, Thin Solid Films, Wear, Tribology International, Materials Chemistry & Physics, Materials Letters and Journal of Materials Research. He is a member of the Editorial Committees of Surface & Coatings Technology and Industrial Lubrication and Tribology. He also runs a biannual course on Reliability and Test of MEMS and Microsystems as part of FSRM (Swiss Federation for Research in Microtechnology). In addition, he lectures annually at the University of Cambridge Tribology Course and the MIT Professional Education Course on Tribology.

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